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Therapy Services


I work with couples to help them understand each other and grow closer together. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and help couples bond. The hope is not that they will just restore their relationship, but that they will have a better relationship than before. 

Areas of Focus: Premarital Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, and Affair Recovery


I work with individuals who are journeying through difficult seasons in life. Many times people just need a safe place to be able to process what's going on, gain insight, and obtain tools to better handle their difficult seasons. Whether it's anxiety, depression, relational conflict, or other difficulties, you don’t have to do it alone. 
I am trained in EFT & EMDR, as well as utilize attachment theory to help people wrestle with and resolve various challenges they have in their lives

Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Grief, OCD, Christian Counseling, Relational Conflict, Stress, & Men's Issues


Past and Present Trauma have a way of affecting the way we experience life and relationships. Physical traumas like assaults, injuries, or accidents can acts as "reliving's" that we experience in our bodies whenever we encounter something similar or remember an event. Relational traumas have a way of giving us messages that we struggle with in our lives, such as "I am not good enough", "I am not safe", and things of the like. In Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, the goal is to help someone reprocess these memories in order to help them stop experiencing the disturbances (reliving's) that the trauma brought

  • 50 Minute Individual Session $150

  • 50 Minute Couples Session $150

**I do not take insurance, but can provide a Super-bill for possible reimbursement by insurance companies

Corona, CA

4160 Temescal Canyon Rd. Suite 309
Corona, CA 92883


Meet with me in the comfort of your own home or office

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