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What is Consultation?

Consultation is one of the best ‘next steps’ for clinicians who have completed Basic Training in EMDR Therapy. It is through the consultation relationship that newly trained EMDR Therapists expand their practical knowledge and strengthen their clinical skills. It is also how you gain hours towards becoming a EMDR Certified Therapist.


I am a EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant

What will I gain by having consultation?

Consultees who work with us gain an increased understanding and confidence in:

  • Standard 8-phase EMDR Protocol

  • Alternative and auxiliary EMDR procedures

  • The Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model

  • Case Formulation and Treatment Planning

  • Resourcing and Preparation for Reprocessing

Individual Consultation Format

Individual Consultation is a favorite option of many EMDR Therapists because it allows for the greatest degree of flexibility of scheduling AND direct focus on your specific caseload.

  • Remote: Consultation takes place over the phone or Zoom, and with the use of a secure, online document sharing platform.

  • Scheduling: Feel free to click on "Book An Appointment" and pick a time that works best for your schedule and clinical needs. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly sessions are available.

  • Rates: Individual consultation is $200 for the 60-minute consultation.

How do I get started?


Do I need to do EMDR Basic Training before Consultation?

Yes, Prior to beginning Consultation toward Certification, EMDRIA requires that Consultees meet the following criteria: - Successful completion of an EMDRIA approved Basic Training in EMDR Therapy - Independent licensure, or intern status, as a Mental Health Professional in the state in which you practice - A minimum of two years experience practicing in the field of mental health

What parts of the qualifications to become a Certified EMDR Therapist will you achieve by consultation?

During the course of consultation, Consultees will complete the following Certification requirements: - Conduct a minimum of 50 EMDR sessions with at least 25 different clients - Receive 15 of the 20 hours of Consultation that is needed for Certification. The remaining 5 hours will have to take place with a EMDRIA Certified Consultant

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